What’s exciting in Boston right now?

Scott Kirsner, Boston Globe

Amidst the endless string of funding announcements, office leases, Kickstarter campaigns, and initial public offerings, it can be tough to discern what’s actually happening in Boston’s innovation economy.  [Indeed.  And, without Scott Kirsner we would all know substantially less about what’s happening!] 

What are the new industry clusters that are growing fastest locally, and seem to be more than flashes in the pan?

  • Wearables:
    Quanttus, Fitbit, Whoop, Thync, Neumitra
  • Edtech:
    EdX, Cengage, Valore, Harcourt, Panorama Education, Houghton Mifflin
  • Marketing and adtech:
    DataXu, Brand Networks, Fiksu, Nanigans, HubSpot
  • Biotech and medical devices
    Moderna Therapeutics,  Biogen, MicroCHIPS, Intarcia Therapeutics,  Syros Pharmaceuticals
  • 3-D design and fabrication
    Onshape, Voxel8, Formlabs, Markforged, SolidWorks
  • Energy and sustainability
    XL Hybrids, Gridco Systems, Digital Lumens, Ambri, Oasys Water
  • Robotics:
    Vecna, iRobot, Rethink Robotics, CyPhy Works, Harvest Automation
  • Spoken language recognition:
    Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Nuance, Semantic Machines
  • Internet of Things:
    PTC, LogMein, Robin Powered, Weft
  • Security, big data, and enterprise efficiency:
    Veracode, Actifio, ClearSky Data, Bit9 + Carbon Black, Tamr


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