Smart-home heating startup Ecovent lands $6.9m investment, touts $1m in pre-orders

Curt Woodward, Boston Globe

Boston startup Ecovent is getting the attention of a much bigger player in its market.

The two-year-old company, which makes a “smart” heating vent system for homes, has landed a $6.9 million investment to help it launch its product later this year. The financing round was led by Emerson Climate Technologies, which sells consumer and commercial heating and cooling systems.

Ecovent is developing a system of battery-powered vents that can be individually opened and shut by sending a digital signal over a dedicated wireless network. Ecovent says that will allow owners to tweak the temperature in individual rooms of their home by using a special smartphone app.

Ecovent says that level of detailed control can help eliminate nagging hot or cool spots in a home, which in turn can lower heating and air conditioning bills by firing up the furnace only when necessary.

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