Boston startup Kuvée wants to sell you the last wine bottle you’ll ever need

Scott Kirsner, Boston Globe

Keurig coffeemakers and Sodastream carbonation machines have made it easier to brew a cup of joe or fizz up a bottle of lemon-flavored seltzer. A Boston startup called Kuvée wants to bring similar convenience to pouring — and preserving — a bottle of wine.

Kuvée is designing an Internet-connected wine bottle that would hold different canisters of wine. It will be able to dispense one glass at a time, while preventing the rest of the wine in the canister from being exposed to air, which causes them to go bad. A “smart label” on the outside of the bottle will show you what brand and vintage of wine is inside it and tell you a bit about the wine. If you enjoy it, you can click a button to order more canisters, which are delivered to your home.

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