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Biotech Connection Boston: Making Sense of Data

Now what? This is the question that wearable tech companies face as they attempt to make the transition from wellness to healthcare. While many wearables allow users to track wellness metrics like steps and sleeping time, there is a critical need to analyze and translate this data into clinically actionable health information. One company that has successfully answered this question and is leading the way in this area is BioSensics, who were the showcase exhibitors at Biotech Connection Boston’s recent event, Big Data Gets Personal: Transforming Healthcare in the Age of Wearable Tech.

BioSensics has positioned themselves at the critical junction between biomedical research and product development by focusing on unique wearables in the healthcare space. Founded at Harvard in 2007, every project BioSensics explores is grounded in collaborative academic research with leading medical centers, including the University of Arizona, the Arizona Center on Aging, and, here in Boston, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital.